chiropractors on fraser!
chiropractors on fraser!


An adjustment is a procedure used by a chiropractor to improve the function of your spine and relieve interference to your nervous system. This commonly involves the chiropractor using their hands to apply a very specific pressure or movement to the spine or pelvis. There are many different methods available, so the chiropractor will always adapt their technique to suit each individual of any age.
A vertebral subluxation is the improper motion or position of the bones of the spine (vertebrae) which interfere with the nerve messages between the brain and the body. The delicate nerves exiting the spine can be irritated, stretched and sometimes compressed or pinched. Even with this nerve irritation most subluxations exist without obvious pain or discomfort therefore making it difficult for you to know if you have them in your spine. A subluxation can interfere with the chemistry/hormones of your body, your immune function and prevent your body from functioning at its potential.
Subluxations are caused by stressors that your body cannot adapt to.

Physical Stress– such as injuries, falls, the birth process, lifting children, school bags, car accidents, sports, prolonged abnormal postures or even subtle repetitive movements.

Chemical Stress
– alcohol, toxins, additives and chemicals in food, poor diet, cigarettes, medication, coffee, and other pollutants in our environment.

Emotional Stress– work pressure, family conflict, arguments, personal traumas, internal dialogue, life or career changes, grief etc.

Anyone with a spine! You are never to young or too old. Many office or trade workers, athletes, pregnant mothers and children, people with osteoporosis, even those with serious illness or people who have had back surgery can benefit from chiropractic care. The technique selected will be best suited to your age, size and health status. As spinal damage can occur at birth, children should be checked for subluxations. Paediatric adjustments are safe and very gentle.
Chiropractors only adjust joints that are hypomobile or locked up. Years of training focus on using the minimum amount of force needed to achieve this. Hypermobile joints are more likely to develop above and below uncorrected hypomobile joints resulting in spinal imbalance. Joints which lose their normal movement develop degenerative arthritis sooner.
No. With 24 freely movable spinal bones each of which can misalign in several ways each patient has a fairly unique pattern of misalignments requiring correction.
This varies with each patient, depending upon their problems, spinal status and their health or wellness goals. Generally the older the patient, the longer the problem has been developing and the more severe it is the longer it will take. Many patients notice changes within the first few weeks when visits are most frequent. As the spine starts to correct and stabilise visits become less frequent. In very chronic cases healing may take months or years. Where the underlying cause can not be eliminated it may never heal, so the emphasis will be on symptom relief and slowing progression whilst keeping independent as long as possible.

Our Primary Focus

We are focused on helping your body to heal itself and stay well by removing nerve interference.

We are satisfied with the reduction in aches and pains and improved posture our patients report but are delighted with the increased energy, vitality, more restful sleep and general wellness many go on to report long after the symptoms have improved.

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